Nestled in the heart of the Pisgah Forest, 30 minutes outside of Asheville is a lodge where you could be this spring. Eating healthy food, getting a massage, wandering through the trails and gardens, resting by the creek, napping in a hammock or sipping tea on the porch. You could be getting that time alone to chill out and de-stress you keep talking about, connect with others, and receive a little guidance along the way.

If that sounds wonderful to you--
then this retreat is for you. The group is small, you will have plenty of alone time, and freedom to be as involved as you’d like to be. The retreat is about YOU- and finding the rejuvenation, respite, and even inspiration that YOU need in your life. (Full description below)

How can just a weekend make a difference you ask? You’d be surprised. An experience is everything. Come see for yourself...

Mountain Light Sanctuary
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Retreat to the woods for a weekend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

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This unique retreat allows for time alone to reflect and explore, and also to connect with others in a small group format to get support in a way uncommon in everyday encounters.

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April 22- 25 (Special- Easter Weekend 4 Day/ 3 Night)
May 6-8 (Women’s Only)
June 24-26


“Getting Answers: A therapeutic journey of self discovery in nature. “ (to be held once a month in Spring/ Summer 2011)

Each of us has the ability to access the answers we seek.

Sometimes though, things get in the way of hearing those answers.
It could be anything—good, bad, stressful, exciting—simply the stuff of life.

Whether you are in the middle of a transition, trying to end destructive patterns in your life, or simply attempting to move beyond a persistent obstacle, know that it IS possible to make it to the other side.

The fastest way to heal, can simply be to stop, strip it all away, and LISTEN.

This workshop is designed to help you strip it all away, and give you the tools and guidance to help you find what it is you are seeking.

1 Learn to differentiate between the “voices” in your head and sharpen your intuition.

5 You get your personal time- but you also have a chance to connect with others who are doing the same thing!

4 If you want it- Get some help learning to be quiet in nature so you can get some answers to the stuff going on in your life.

3 Have that opportunity you’ve been waiting for to be creative! Bring your camera, your art supplies, and journals are provided!

1 Develop a deeper sense of self, which will in turn strengthen your self confidence and boost your self esteem.

4 Have the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and get holistic guidance.

5 NEW: Nutritional discussion/ education (as requested by previous participants!)

3 Stay in a rustic mountain retreat nestled in the heart of Pisgah National Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains, 30 minutes outside of Asheville, NC. A bustling creek out the front door can be followed to cascading waterfalls. Old growth forest and lush green and colorful spring wildflowers guide the way. The lodge allows you to feel as if you are living outdoors, but with the security and comfort of a bed, a roof and essential amenities.

4 No worries about food and nutrition, 3 healthy and healing meals (vegetarian friendly) prepared for you by our own chef, chosen specifically for this retreat, and snacks ready for you on the go in the home style kitchen at the lodge. No skimping either! Some guilty pleasures will be available if you choose… coffee for your morning and a few desserts too!

5 Optional massage therapy (by one of the most requested massage therapists in Asheville!) on Sunday to completely round out your whole body mind spirit experience.


So, when was the last time you had the chance to listen to your heart uninterrupted by life? Perhaps you already know of some of the ways to get to the core of things, perhaps you already have a fairly healthy lifestyle. Or maybe the noise in your head and your life is so busy, so loud, you feel overwhelmed and as if you are running out of sheer rote necessity. Wherever it is that you are right now, the answers that you seek ARE there.

Now it is simply up to you to choose to find them.

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