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Elizabeth is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) and Nationally Certified Counselor in Asheville, NC. For more information on her private counseling practice and experience please see her website

“to the woods” is a melding of all those things that contribute to personal growth, awareness, and self actualization of goals--- with the help of nature and the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains. This knowledge is drawn from Liz’s experience as a therapeutic wilderness counselor, as a therapist, and from life.You can learn more about the ideas “to the woods” is founded on, the culmination of her favorite and most powerful approaches to counseling here:
transpersonal, eco, and experiential paradigms.

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the food...

Paige Foran, owns and operates Healing Kitchen, Healthy Planet in Asheville, NC. Paige is a certified nutritionist, has a MS in Nutrition, and a BS in Plant Biology. Paige also continues her education by studying permaculture and health. What you eat while you are on the retreat is an important part of your experience! Healthy, vegetarian optional meals will nurture your body and spirit. Nothing too heavy to weigh you down, but no skimping either! You won’t go hungry with the fresh, local organic food that is prepared and served. Desserts included! As requested, Paige will give a short discussion/ talk on nutrition during the retreat. You are welcome to contact Paige directly at