(The women’s group is currently taking a break. If you are interested in joining please fill out the form or send an email to let us know of your interest and we’ll let you know when it’s up and running again.)

Imagine a group of women that you can
trust. Trust that looks differently than your everyday friends, your normal life. Imagine an experience where you share the deeper, unsaid parts of yourself, your pain, your questions, without the fear of being judged or brushed off. Where you know going in, that each woman has made a vow to be open, supportive, and non- judgmental to who you are, regardless of your differences. Imagine that you have your weekly escape. You have your time away. Imagine that you are actually getting out and experiencing the beautiful natural world of the mountains around you, perhaps hiking on trails and going places you’ve never before explored. Imagine that when you are out there, you will have time to reflect on your own, to go deeper into your own inner world, where a wealth of knowledge and insight awaits. Imagine that you then have the opportunity to share your insights and gain valuable feedback and support from these other women. And you give back to them. Imagine making connections in such a meaningful way that seem near impossible as we get older and life gets more complex. Imagine finding the strength within yourself to create the joy in life that you know somehow is possible. Imagine.

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Do you find yourself wishing you could connect deeply with other women in a way that you might not be able to share in your normal group of friends? Perhaps you have some things going on in your life that you are not quite sure the regular people in your life will quite understand and you are looking for unbiased support. What you might need are other women going through similar things: Relationships, life changes, family stuff, grief, career troubles, life purpose questions, or any of those issues you feel like you’ve been battling on your own. At its core, the group is therapeutic in nature, but that doesn’t mean you need to have a particular issue or trouble in order to join. Meaningful support, deep self reflection, and quality time spent outside are good for all of us.


WHERE: Each week, the group will meet in a different location- always outside, and always beautiful! After your first week, carpooling is recommended for some of the sites, as the locations can be up to 40 minutes away from downtown Asheville. The weekday groups will be conscientious of work schedules and therefore will usually be closer to Asheville for a shorter commute.

WHAT: You should be able to walk and hike moderate terrain for at least an hour. Breaks are available when needed and will happen as part of the group. If you have questions regarding your fitness level please email me to see if it is appropriate for you. If you do not believe you are fit enough to handle this group, please fill out the form below to be placed on the wait list for the second group beginning in later spring (other skill levels). Regardless of the level of difficulty, the experience will differ slightly each week- with the goal of taking you deeper into your connection with yourself, with each other, and with nature. As with all “to the woods” programs, nature and the natural setting is used to help induce deeper self reflection and discovery.

WHEN: Every Sunday and Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm starting in March 2011. (Pick which day works best for you.)Your registration is good for 5 or 8 outings- and if you miss a week- that’s OK!! It is recommended that you attend consistently in order to maximize your experience, but the groups will be continuously running throughout the spring and summer if you have to miss one here or there.The group may be cancelled occasionally due to extreme weather conditions or other factors. After your completed registration, you will receive a follow up email to confirm your registration and to provide you with more information.

WHO: Any woman who has the desire to get outside- to look deeper within herself, and to connect with others. You don’t need to be outgoing or social. You don’t have to have certain beliefs or skills. The only requirement is that you commit to being open, and to being caring and non-judgmental of the women you meet. You are welcome to sign up with a friend, although there will be times during the outings when you will be asked to either spend time alone, and also to connect with some of the other women. Confidentiality among the women in you and the women in your group is paramount. What you share with each other is expected to stay within the group.

Feel free to email me any questions!

Women's Group- Outside!