Support Us

The retreats (as you can imagine!) take a LOT of time, effort, planning and a whole bunch of other things -- to make happen. The costs add up quickly. Regardless of the work it takes, we believe in what we’re doing, and the results and changes made in the participants’ lives make us want to keep going. We’ve got a lot of other great ideas up our sleeves that are still in planning mode that your support will help:

* A longer retreat this summer
* Cooking classes/ workshops with Paige
* “The Annapurna Project”-- A program for young girls in the works for next spring
* Scholarships
* Research and development of the projects/ retreats
* Better marketing
* More things we’d like to add into the retreat
* And so much more!

The thing is, every penny coming in is simply used to make it happen. We don’t want to raise the price because that’s half the beauty of it- we don’t want you to have to break the bank to come, or have to be rich either!

If you like what we’re doing and want to make a donation- simply click on the DONATE button. Any contribution is appreciated- there is no such thing as a small donation! Thank you!

If you prefer to mail a donation- please send check or money order to the address below:

c/o Elizabeth Read
20 Battery Park Ave
Suite 312
Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828.989.5457